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This page lists all our available Properties in Fuengirola. Currently we have 1 Properties in Fuengirola.

Fuengirola property

Spanish Property for Sale in Fuengirola gives buyers a choice of different standards of Apartments, Fuengirola Property tends to me mostly Townhouse and apartments until you get into the suburbs of the Town. Property in Fuengirola has excellent facilities.Despite the metamorphosis experienced by Fuengirola in the last fifty years, this city which is located at the epicentre of the Costa del Sol continues to have the typically quiet and calm spirit of a sea town. It is true to say that its aproximate 60.000 inhabitants, that is those who took part in the census (this number should be added to the thousands of people who are not registered as residents of the area and also to the number of visitors) have encouraged the Town Hall to work conscientiously towards improving the infrastructures from within the Town Hall. Its small geographic area (10 km2) and its spectacular demographic growth has put the normal development of this coastal city in an awkward position. However, despite the increase in holiday tourism and the increase in foreign residents, Fuengirola has managed to maintain its status as a privileged summer resort destination as well as a priviliged residential area. Fuengirola, as its slogan suggests, is a sun city not only because of the 3,000 hours a year reigned by the sun; no, this is not the only reason, but the hospitality of its people and the easygoing nature of this town originated on the banks of the Mediterranean sea are the irreplaceable basis for its extraordinary kindness

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