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Spanish property sales in Costa del Sol On The Increase
20 Feb 2011 - Spanish property sales and those especially in the luxury market are very much on the increase with at least €20 Million Euros worth of sales taking place in the last 3 weeks on Marbella Villas alone according to Nick Stuart of Spanish Hot Properties. - - More information

Spanish housing minister appeals to British buyers to return
11 Feb 2011 - Beatriz Corredor, the Spanish housing secretary, promised new planning laws to end the confusion which has led to some British home owners being ordered to knock down their properties deemed to have been illegally built. - - More information

Spanish Property Sales Finally on the Increase
11 Feb 2011 - Spanish homes sales climbed 6.8 percent last year after two years of sharp declines caused by the collapse of the country’s property market, official data showed Thursday, in a boost for Spain’s battered economy. - - More information

The Spanish Property Market - Banks Still Hopelessly Out of Touch
30 Jan 2011 - Supposedly in 2011 this was meant to be the year where new rules and regulations would see a huge influx of discounted properties and bank repossessions hit the Spanish property market. However the reality on the ground is somewhat completely different according to Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director Nick Stuart - - More information

Over 12000 Spanish Homes for Sale in Costa del Sol
27 Dec 2010 - The Spanish property experts Spanish Hot Properties have made available over 12000 properties for its clients and users on its Costa del Sol property page. The idea is a very simple one in that they want to make available to its users and clients every possible property in the Costa del Sol area. - - More information

Spanish Property Market Becoming Very Segmented
19 Dec 2010 - It seems there are now huge differences in prices in different area of Spain and according to Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties this is only going to get more exaggerated as the Spanish property market comes out of recession. - - More information

Spanish Property Sales Increase Proves The Recession is Over
10 Dec 2010 - With the official figures from the property registry in Spain showing sales increasing by 13% year on year for the third quarter of this year It’s pretty clear that we are now at the bottom of the recession but how long the Spanish housing market bumps along the bottom no one really knows. - - More information

Los Flamingos Golf Property - The Best Value in Costa del Sol?
04 Dec 2010 - Los Flamingos Golf is one of the best and most luxurious apartments in Costa del Sol with stunning views across the sea to Africa and amazing views across the PGA Golf course to the sea. Los Flamingos is also home to the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Now with prices being reduced in most developments from the launch prices of €450,000 to €650,000 to well under €300,000 is this a deal too good to be true? - - More information

Cash Back With Exclusive Spanish Property Finder
26 Nov 2010 - A unique and unrivalled property finder service for Spanish property buyers looking to buy in Costa del Sol has been launched by Spanish Hot Properites. - - More information

3 Reasons Why the Spanish Property Recession Experts are Wrong
19 Nov 2010 - Well you have probably read article after article about how Spanish property is heading for another crash and is 47% overvalued. The difference on the ground is completely different with sales volumes considerably on the increase and the best properties for sale in Spain deals already taken from the market place with the obvious question is why? - - More information

Will The Winter in UK and EIRE Lead To More Spanish Property Buyers?
14 Nov 2010 - With shorter days, approaching and a lack of sunshine and the distance until the return of summer are all driving factors behind individuals looking for properties in Mallorca, Marbella and Spain at this current time - - More information

4 Must Buy Spanish Property Deals
06 Nov 2010 - With the Spanish property market now coming out of recession it’s important to know where to get the best deals. So what I have done is made a selection of 4 stand out deals whilst this isn’t everything out there it does give you a flavour of what can be bought and what the last great deals can Offer you. - - More information

Property Developments in Spain - The Last Great Deals?
30 Oct 2010 - There are interesting times ahead for the last great units of luxury property developments in Spain especially those in Costa del Sol as Spain begins to climb out of the property recession having hit the bottom in most parts of Spain in the summer of 2010. - - More information

The Costa del Sol Property Boom - Sales On The Increase
28 Oct 2010 - So finally some data to back up what we have been saying for some time that we have hit the bottom of the market and the biggest obstacle to property sales in Costa del Sol is customer’s perception mainly driven by the misplaced bad press that comes from various economic data - - More information

Mallorca Property Opportunities in 2011
22 Oct 2010 - The Spanish property experts Spanish Hot Properties unlike most of the bigger agents on the Island of Mallorca have had an excellent year in 2010 for Mallorca property. - - More information

Mallorca Property Market October 2010 - Prices On The Increase
18 Oct 2010 - Mallorca property along with Barcelona Catabria and Galicia is bucking the trend and is now showing property price increases. This isn’t a major surprise to use because all of these 4 areas have huge demand and less oversupply than the rest of the Spanish property market. - - More information

Spanish Property Market in 2011 - Good or Bad?
13 Oct 2010 - So what is the future for the Spanish Property market in Spain as we head to 2011 and when will property prices start to rise again? These are all very good questions and the answers to these questions will differ depending whereabouts in Spain you are buying and if you are a local or international buyer. - - More information

Spanish Property Prices Really are Stabalising
24 Apr 2010 - Pressure on house prices in Spain's depressed market appeared to ease somewhat in the first quarter, falling 4.5% on an annual basis, which was less steep than has been seen in prior periods. - - More information

Tinsa Property Pirice Index for March shows postive signs for Spanish property Market
15 Apr 2010 - More good new for the Spanish property market Spanish house prices fell 5.3% year-on-year in March, following a 5.5% drop in February, property website TINSA said Tuesday. A year ago, house prices fell 9.7%. - - More information

Spanish Hot Properties Now Available in Russian
11 Apr 2010 - If you speak Russian and are looking to buy property in Spain Spanish Hot Properties are pleased to announce that one of the major benefits of there new site is that the site is in Russian but unlike most non Russian originated websites Spanish Hot Properties actually has support for Russian that don’t speak English or Spanish with a designated Russian representative Lubov Moskaya who will be happy to talk with any Russian speaking client about there requirements. - - More information

Spanish Property Market for 2010
08 Apr 2010 - With the news that international investment is Spanish property is down some 31% what is the future for those wanting to buy Spanish property, Well first things first you have to appreciate certain problems that make the property market in Spain quite unique, and in reality you have two markets in one, the international buyers and local buyers. Then you have the huge differences in areas where in certain areas like Pais Vasco & Costa Brava property actually went up in price in 2009. - - More information

Is This the Best Spanish Property Website in the World?
01 Apr 2010 - If you have visited the luxury Spanish property Spanish Hot Properties website you may have somewhat been taken aback at its stunning new look and whilst this particular site has always had a touch of class that some other sites in Google’s top ten didn’t have there recently launched new site does look particularly stunning and seems to have everything a visitor looking for Spanish property would want. So what makes it so fantastic, we thought that would be a good question to put to Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director Nick Stuart and it wont surprise you he was quite happy to talk about his pet new project some 6 months in the making. - - More information

Spanish Property Bargains Running Out
06 Mar 2010 - Should you trust or believe your Agent in Spain when they tell you if you don’t buy a particular property it might not be available tomorrow well if the agent is reputable and you trust them then you should according to Nick Stuart Managing Director of the property for sale in Spain experts Spanish Hot Properties. - - More information

Property Deals Spain Launched by Spanish Hot Properties
05 Mar 2010 - Spanish Hot Properties are very pleased to be able to announce the launch of their new site Property Deals Spain, a new site just concentrating on our customers who want to register and get help with finding a bargain property in Spain, Spanish bank repossessions and distressed sales. One of the reasons for doing this is that Spanish Hot Properties main site is so big and vast and has such great content some people get lost and don’t know where to register to get information on the great deals that can be had in Spain. - - More information

Costa del Sol Property Buyers Need to be More Realistic
04 Mar 2010 - Spanish Hot Properties are extremely concerned at the recent unreasonable expectations of property buyers looking to buy property in Marbella and Costa del Sol but can understand that the problem is not been helped by the message being sent out by certain property portals and some real estate companies to try and get more clients for there agents and more buyers for there business in difficult times. - - More information

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