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40 Percent of Bank Owned Properties are Paid in Cash But Creating Distorted Data
23 Jun 2013 - Banking sector sells a lot of its products for cash what does this mean for bank repossessions in Spain especially as these properties have little to do with the International  property market in Spain.
Santander, BBVA, Caixabank, Sabadell, Popular and Bankia sold approximately 7,200 mortgage-free properties in the first quarter of the year thanks to a fall in prices and the transfer of money from certain financial products into real estate. The total value of these sales amounts to approximately 600 million euros.
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The New Energy Certificates and What is Inspected
22 Jun 2013 - It’s a simple but very obvious question and is one of the first questions that any property owner asks Spanish Hot Properties . We know this is an important issue and a common question. There are four major aspects that most influence energy efficiency certification which are;

1) Installations
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Spanish Hot Properties Restructures with 3 Spanish Property Showrooms
16 Jun 2013 - Spanish Hot Properties has announced plans to have three offices, two in Spain and one in the UK to help would be Spanish property buyers being able to access the best property deals in both Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol as part of their joint venture with Euro Prestige based in Torrevieja. - - More information

Luxury Spanish Property Boost with 500,000 Euro Golden Visa Approval
29 May 2013 - So it’s finally official Spain has set the level of its so called Golden Visa at 500,000€ which will be a big boost to the Luxury Spanish property market in top locations such as Mallorca and Marbella but is unlikely to benefit many of the other areas of Spain especially Costa Blanca and Valencia in Particular according to Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties. - - More information

International Property Sales in Spain Up by 28.4 Percent in 2012
28 May 2013 - A total of 38,312 non-resident foreign citizens bought property in Spain last year. This is an increase of 28.4% on the 2011 figures, according to data from the General Council of Notaries. 42% of transactions closed with a price of over 160,000 euros. - - More information

Spanish Residency for Property Price Level to Be Decided within a Week
22 May 2013 - With the news that a decision will be made within the next week about the price point for Spain’s  so called new ‘Golden Visa’ the burning question is who will benefit? - - More information

Spanish Property Market Optimism from J.P. Morgan
09 May 2013 - There was good news for the Spanish property market in a recent report issued by J.P. Morgan Chase, an American investment bank, the bank affirms that both the authorities and the private sector are clearly willing to negotiate and sell assets at low prices to meet their liquidity needs. The bank emphasises that up to now banks were reluctant to sell assets for less than their provisioning levels as they did not want to generate additional losses. - - More information

No More Viewing Appointments from Spanish Hot Properties
20 Apr 2013 - It may sound completely mad or completely revolutionary but one leading Spanish real estate company has decided not to show clients any properties as a way of selling more houses. - - More information

Obligatory Energy Certificate for anyone wishing to sell or rent a property in Spain after 1 June 2013
13 Apr 2013 - According to the law proyect which was last Friday sent to the Council of Ministers, property owners who want to sell or rent their property will have to have an energy certificate after 1 June. - - More information

Marbella Confirmed as Europes Second Greenest City
26 Mar 2013 - The European Environment Agency has released a detailed study into those European cities at high risk of urban flooding.  Marbella sits second bottom of a table of 578 cities with only 22.51% of its area ‘sealed’ by buildings, concrete or tarmac – only Sweden’s Norrkoping is greener at 21.6%. - - More information

The Experts Say Spanish Property Prices will Continue Falling in 2013 but Does This Apply to Marbella
23 Mar 2013 - Due to the creation of the bad bank and the end of home purchase tax deductions and the super-reduced VAT rate for new homes, house prices will continue to drop next year, albeit at a steady rate. Another decisive factor which will contribute to declining house prices in 2013 will be the lack of financing. - - More information

Spanish Property Speculation and the Downside for Local Residents
10 Feb 2013 - A recent court case in Valencia in Spain has highlighted the problems of being a resident rather than an International property investor when the Supreme Court has ordered two people to pay a builder for two unfinished homes which they bought at 2006 prices, in Catarroja (Valencia), to speculate with but which they did not pay for because of the Spanish property sector crash. - - More information

Key Ready New Developments versus Spanish Bank Repossessions January 2013
11 Jan 2013 - The Spanish property market   is coming to terms with the hike in taxes on New Build properties of an extra 6% as those buyers motivated to take advantage of the discount that finished on 31 December 2012 completed their sales and are now sitting pretty smug.
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An Agents View of the Costa del Sol Property Market for 2013
08 Jan 2013 - In 2012, sales and turnover for Spanish Hot Properties were both up 25% on 2011.  For 2013 the estate agent has even higher hopes, a 50% predicted increase in turnover on 2012, largely due to a Google-friendly website that will rank strongly as the market recovers.  So why the positivity? - - More information

Marbella Luxury Property Now Significantly Undercuts Competitor European Resorts
12 Dec 2012 - The Italian Lakes and Riviera, Côte d’Azur, Balearic Islands and Marbella have been favoured holiday home destinations for the international jetset for decades.  With popularity comes high prices but one resort has failed to keep apace and is now surprisingly affordable – Marbella. - - More information

Spanish Property Purchases by foreigners rise 12 per cent
16 Nov 2012 - With the news that Spanish property sales figures for the second quarter are the highest in four years the burning question is why the UK and German press continue to ignore the facts.
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Why are Brits Missing Out on Spanish Property Bargains?
09 Nov 2012 - At the height of the boom, Brits made up 60 to 70% of foreign property purchases in Spain.  By 2011 this British proportion had dropped to 19% with other European investors snapping at their heels.  Agent Spanish Hot Properties fears the Brits are missing out. - - More information

Spains Bad Bank Unlikely to be Foreign-Friendly
31 Oct 2012 - As a condition of European bailout, Spain is creating a Bad Bank to swallow foreclosed real estate assets weighing heavy on lenders’ books.  Whilst details remain sketchy, Marbella-based agent Spanish Hot Properties doesn’t think the Bad Bank will wave a magic wand for foreign bargain hunters. - - More information

Costa del Sol Property Surplus Continues to Clear
14 Oct 2012 -
With dramatic house price falls and a strengthened pound, quality Costa del Sol property is selling fast.  There are only two townhouses left for sale at La Cala Golf in Mijas and agent, Spanish Hot Properties, says buy now or miss out. - - More information

Costa del Sol Property Selling Surprisingly Fast
27 Sep 2012 - Whilst most media focus is on the glut of up to two million unsold properties in Spain, the Costa del Sol paints quite a different picture. On this coastline homes of all qualities and price ranges are selling – and selling fast. - - More information

Spanish Property Crash Sparks Revival of Fractional Ownership
13 Sep 2012 -

In the mid-late 2000s, when the Spanish property boom was showing its first signs of petering out, many estate agents started peddling fractional ownership as a way to widen their potential customer base – it didn’t catch on.  Now, in the wake of boom turning to bust, fractional ownership is enjoying a revival. - - More information

Bank Repossessions in Spain, Spanish Banks Taking Eviction Shortcuts
09 Aug 2012 - "A legal outrage." This is how some experts have described the new way chosen by some banks to evict owners who do not pay their mortgage, something which can takes months to achieve under the present system. The new strategy uses extrajudicial auctions at notary offices to recover the properties. - - More information

New Obligatory Energy Efficiency Certificates Required for Your Spanish Property
09 Aug 2012 - So for many Spanish property owners looking to sell or rent their home they are probably blissfully unaware of the new rules regarding energy certificates. So how does one obtain the energy certificate which is obligatory for selling or renting a property,how much will it cost and are there any fines? - - More information

Malaga Airport Second Runway To Bring Up To 15 Billion into the Andalucian Economy?
09 Jul 2012 - The Second Runway that was opened on the 26th June by the Development Minister Ana Pastor, who said a ‘tourist trap city like Malaga is more of a city with an airport of this caliber’. - - More information

Mortgage Rates in Spain on the Increase, Does This Mean a Two Tier Mortgage Market?
19 Oct 2011 - With the news that Spanish mortgage rates in Spain are on the increase with most new mortgages to be charged in excess of 1.5% over EURIBOR and some banks like Lloyds in Spain charging 3% over Euribor there are distinct choices to be made for Spanish property buyers seeking finance according to Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties. - - More information

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