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How Will BREXIT Effect United Kingdom Spanish Property Buyers
24 Jun 2016 - With the news that the United Kingdom Voters have voted to leave the European Union what impact will this have on Spanish property buyers from the UK and more importantly Spanish property owners that currently reside in Spain?
According to Nick Stuart Chairman of Spanish Hot Properties group the major impact will be felt by those UK citizens living in Spain with minimal impact for those UK citizens planning to buy a holiday home in Spain or Invest in Spanish property but continue to live in the UK.
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The End Of Spanish Property Crisis But When Will Prices Rise
21 Sep 2014 - - - More information

The Key Investment Fundamentals that Make Marbella a Prime Investment Opportunity
01 Jun 2014 - Now the Spanish property recession is over the question for most property investors is what investment opportunities are there available and why does Marbella offer a would be Investor better opportunities than other parts of Spain?
According to Nick Stuart Director of Spanish Hot Properties there are several reasons but the main investment fundamentals are the current cost of construction and cost of land mean existing property prices will have to rise. The reality is the true cost of construction is now 1500 to 2000 Euros per square meter and land prices haven’t fallen in line with property prices thus meaning to deliver any new property a developer will have to have a minimum sales price of 2500 Euros per square meter. When you compare that with the opportunities of the current market where you can buy at between 1000 and 1500 per square meter its clear to see that these property prices are very likely to increase in value said Nick.
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40 Percent Increase as Spanish Property Sales Bounce Back
10 May 2014 - As a  report released by the Spanish notaries shows that Spanish house sales increased by 39.8% year on year this February that adds to the growing evidence of a recovery in the Spanish real estate sector are we finally at the end of the worst ever Spanish property recession?
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Two Tier Mortgage Market Holding by Spanish Property Market Recovery
01 May 2014 - With the news that over 50% of all properties that were sold in the Malaga province in 2013 were sold to overseas property buyers the real question is when will the local market start to improve? According to Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director Nick Stuart this will happen once the Spanish Banks start to lend more positively especially to the local community. Not before this happens can the housing market really recover.
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Spanish Property Recession Over as Professional Investors Take Positions
05 Apr 2014 - - - More information

Costa de Sol Number One for Spanish Property with 50 Percent of Sales to Overseas Buyers
22 Mar 2014 - With the news that over 50% of sales for 2013 were to overseas property buyers in Costa del Sol it’s clear that Andalucía is still the number one destination for would be Spanish property buyers.
In Costa del Sol there were 9,000 sales of new houses in the province throughout the year, of which 4,520 involved foreign buyers. This is completely unique and new and not event in the best year in history for house sales, which was 2007, when 45,000 houses were sold and 16,800 of them were purchased by foreigners did we have 50% being bought by overseas property buyers said Nick Stuart Managing Director the leading international Spanish property company Spanish Hot Properties. - - More information

New Costa del Sol Construction As Investors Come Back to the Market
16 Mar 2014 - With the news that Investors and Developers are coming back into the market and our looking for suitable new projects to build the real question is where will these new projects be and what type of projects will be offered to perspective buyers?
According to Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties the likelihood is that the Architectural landscape and Costa del Sol will be changed forever but finding new projects in prime location areas will be very difficult indeed.
Firstly its great news that Investors are starting to come back into the market place and the fact they are proves beyond all doubt the recession is over for the international property market. Secondly they are entering the market because there just aren’t the properties that the Scandinavian’s, Belgium’s and Russians want to buy. They primarily want new modern construction which in this recession is very difficult to find Nick alluded to.
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Spanish Property Market Report March 2014
09 Mar 2014 - The sales figures for property sales in Spain in 2013 make very interesting reading with the local market contracting and the international property market increasing by some 35%. In fact sales to International property buyers are up some 83% since 2010.
With overseas demand increasing whilst local sales slump, foreigners have grown to represent 12.85% of the market in Q4 last year, or 11% taking 2013 as a whole, up from a low of 4.25% in 2009. It’s fair to say that the foreign buyers have helped the Spanish property market avoid complete meltdown.
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Sorros, Paulson and Spanish Hot Properties Agree 2014 is the Year to Invest in Spain
03 Mar 2014 - With the news that George Soros and John Paulson are taking major stakes in the flotation of a Spanish property group, reflecting an increasing confidence among investors does this confirm 2014 is the year to buy Spanish property assets?
George Soros and John Paulson have both taken €92m stakes in Hispania Activos Inmobiliarios which last week, Hispania announced plans for an initial public offering of remaining shares – having already raised a substantial part of its €500m target from early-stage investors. Its prospectus is awaiting approval from Spain’s regulators.
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Spanish Hot Properties Launch Revised and Improved Websites
22 Feb 2014 - The Spanish Hot Properties Group has recently made new changes to their group of multi-lingual websites with a view to enhancing the users experience on the site with special emphasis on a new improve top navigation to help users find the most appropriate content as efficiently as possible.
Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties who has personally overseen the changes believes the changes should enhance the user experience. Now the top navigation has much more descriptive test and links to the main pages that matter most on the website. Property Spain for example has links to all the main areas of properties that our clients search for the most. The Hot Properties section links to special Gallery pages that are designed to help the user find the properties that suit their requirements best. There are two new gallery pages featuring luxury properties below 2 Million Euros and those Above 2 Million Euros explained Nick. - - More information

Property Prices in Mallorca , Marbella and Puerto Banus Already Rising
02 Feb 2014 - Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story but the real truth of the Spanish property crisis is that it’s already over in certain areas and prices are already rising. Mallorca and Balearics for example can be demonstrated by the fact of property transactions completed in 2013 showing a 5% increase .
According to Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties the reason for the Mallorca and Balearic Islands rebound is very simple. It’s because there is no oversupply and Mallorca is still in demand as an International property market location.
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Investment Funds starting to make Large Investments into Spanish Property
26 Jan 2014 - With the news that big international investment funds are begging to acquire substantial  real estate assets in Spain how long before prices rise and is now the time to buy in Spain or is it already too late?
With the news that one investment fund has already agreed to Purchase 30 Billion Euros of real estate assets from SAREB (Also known as the Spain Bad Bank) this is a very good indication that the market has hit the bottom according to Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties.
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Five Reasons Why Luxury Property in Marbella will Boom in 2014
06 Dec 2013 - With recent data showing Spanish property prices for good location homes has bottomed out and in some areas beginning to rise so will 2014 be the year that the good times return to the property market. - - More information

So Will Spanish Property Prices Rise in Costa del Sol in 2014
01 Dec 2013 - With the news that property prices rose 4.8% year on year in the Belearic Islands in the third quarter of this year the burning question is what regions can expect to see prices rise in 2014. Prices also rose in 3 other regions including the Comunidad de Madrid leaving the other 13 regions still showing price falls.
According to Spanish Hot Properties Market Analyst Simon Jones you can expect to see price rises in Marbella, prices to stop falling in Costa del Sol but prices still falling in Costa del Sol. Simon explained that Costa del Sol was in fact the Costa of the Malaga Province which is only one of 8 provinces in Andalucía and Andalucía as a whole still has major problems and it’s probably going to be 2015 before prices as a whole in Andalucía stop falling. However Malaga is a completely different animal with over 25% of property transactions being bought by overseas property buyers. This contrasts greatly with the national average for Spain of 6%. Also the vast majority of these buyers tend to buy in Costa del Sol and not inland. So for sure Costa del Sol prices will stop falling in 2014. - - More information

Brits Still Number One for Spanish Property Sale but for How Long
09 Nov 2013 - Back in the heady days of 2008 UK citizens made up 60% of all overseas property purchase in Spain. Brits are still the biggest individual group of international buyers in Spain but the number has gone down to 17% and the reality is the number is getting smaller all the time. So how long before the Brits are replaced by another country?
Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties believes that the UK will stay number one in the short term but it will never return to the heady heights of 2008. First we have to understand what we are talking about here in that the international property market makes up only 6% of the whole Spanish property market but in Malaga province that equates to 25% of the property market. So in reality UK citizens make up just 1% of the Spanish property market and 4.25% of Malaga property market. The difference is since 2008 is the advancement of other nationalities taking advantage of property bargains in Spain whilst UK and German buyers lack confidence in the market explained Nick.
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Iconic 2014 New Construction comes to Costa del Sol
28 Oct 2013 - Further proof that the Spanish property recession is over is for the first time since the recession started developers are embarking on building Iconic new properties to meet the demand of Russian and Scandinavian property buyers.
There is no doubt these new projects are going to change the Marbella and Costa del Sol property landscape and market forever according to Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties whose website is in 7 different languages and who deal with over 15 nationalities on a  regular basis in the Marbella area. Scandinavian and Russian buyers are primarily looking for new, bright white and light properties with lots of glass with fabulous views but most importantly high quality design and facilities to match but are happy to pay a premium. This goes completely against the UK buyers who are searching for bargain properties and don’t perceive top quality to be value for money. However the Russian and Scandinavian buyers see things completely differently according to Nick. - - More information

Huge Demand for New Properties in Costa del Sol But at What Price
19 Oct 2013 - Proof that Costa del Sol and Marbella has come out of its property recession was further evidenced by the news that Taylor Wimpey recently sold out their new apartment project Los Arqueros Beach in the center of San Pedro de Alcantara with the last delivery dates as late as 2016. However will other developers be able to come to the market with such well-priced properties that fits the market’s needs?
According to Simon Jones market analyst for Spanish Hot Properties Investor Club there are many factors that make coming to the market at the right price very difficult. Without doubt the number one problem is buying the land or unfinished development at the right price to make a profit said Simon. Other factors are the increased costs in construction and adopting the new higher standard 2010 energy efficient building regulations as well as coming up with a project that suits your potential buyers needs Simon Also said. - - More information

Is the Time Right to Invest in Spanish Property in Marbella
12 Oct 2013 - With sales on the increase and most professional people believing that Marbella has hit the bottom the burning question for most Investors is now the right time to take advantage of the property market in Spain but specifically Marbella?
The answer to this question probably lies in what type of investor you are according to Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director. There is no doubt that if you are a serious investor with in excess of 3 Million Euros to invest 2013 has been the year to look and invest in real opportunities and the opportunities are huge. The realities are that it’s impossible to get any form of finance and with a huge demand for certain types of property the opportunities for investors to invest with minimal risks and make very high returns with a 12 to 48 month exit strategy is huge. Some of the deals are investors have looking at and are financing have been superb for both parties said Nick
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Golden Visa Finally Approved by the Spanish Parliament Providing a Huge Boost to Marbella
28 Sep 2013 - A bill granting qualified Spanish residency and Schengen-area access to non-EU investors has been passed by the Spanish parliament, and now just awaits signature by the King, and publication in the official gazette to become law. The new law will enable non-EU nationals to get qualified Spanish residency permits in return for investing in real estate (and other assets), leading to permanent residency in Spain if certain conditions are fulfilled which is a massive boost to luxury Real Estate sales in Marbella according to Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director Nick Stuart - - More information

100 Pecent Finance Deals in Marbella Do They Really Exist
21 Sep 2013 - With investor clients looking for 100% finance deals and struggling to find them the obvious question is do they exist and if they do what criteria is needed to get approved for such Finance?
The reality for most purchases is that the level of financing will be of maximum of 60% of the purchase price according to Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties . Take Banco Sadabell, one of the few Spanish banks lending in this recession which has a criteria of lending 70% of the Purchase price. The reality is that the majority of loans are made at 60% for when it gets underwritten they discount what they will lend for many different things, single applicants for example. However this is where the best discounts are likely to come from distressed property resale’s said Nick.
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Why Are Scandinavians Buying So Much Spanish Property Whilst UK Citizens Miss Out
14 Sep 2013 - This summer in Costa del Sol it became very clear that the most successful real estate agents were selling to Scandinavian’s and the worst clients for most agents were those from the UK looking for properties that just didn’t exist for their budget.
Well the answer is quite simple according to Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director Nick Stuart. In the UK the press is telling everyone whatever you do never buy a property in Spain. However in Norway the press is saying whatever you do you must buy a property in Spain why prices are so low. In a nutshell there is your answer said Nick.
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Marbella Property Still Has Investment Fundamentals That no Other Property Market Has
24 Aug 2013 - When looking at an overseas property purchase in Europe Marbella property has investments fundamentals that no other country can match according to Spanish Hot Properties Managing director Nick Stuart, these include;
1   Unrivalled Location with 325 days of sunshine a year
2   Unrivalled lifestyle to compare with any major city in Europe
3   Unrivalled direct flights to every destination in Europe
4   Unrivalled value for money property prices for the location
5   Unrivalled choice of lifestyle from Culture to Sport and much more.
6   International buyers from nearly every country in the world
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Conflicting Opinions Regarding Spanish Property Recession
04 Aug 2013 - So have we hit the bottom of the Spanish property crisis or is it going to drop further?  That’s a difficult question to answer and in some areas prices are already on the increase so who should you believe because nearly everyone has a different opinion.
- - More information

Spanish Property Sale Time Has multiplied by 33 but Does it Tell the True Story
30 Jun 2013 - It was always said that properties were not sold during the property boom but rather flew out the door. That situation has now been reversed and selling a home in Spain requires an enormous effort and, more often than not, a long time. The average time spent by a property on the market has multiplied by 33 in the last decade, increasing from 14 days in 2003 to 465 days at the moment. - - More information

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