Why Are Scandinavians Buying So Much Spanish Property Whilst UK Citizens Miss Out

14 Sep 2013

This summer in Costa del Sol it became very clear that the most successful real estate agents were selling to Scandinavian’s and the worst clients for most agents were those from the UK looking for properties that just didn’t exist for their budget.

Well the answer is quite simple according to Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director Nick Stuart. In the UK the press is telling everyone whatever you do never buy a property in Spain. However in Norway the press is saying whatever you do you must buy a property in Spain why prices are so low. In a nutshell there is your answer said Nick.

There are other factors such as the strong currencies of the Scandinavian countries which also goes for Switzerland but the reality is mind set, fear and misinformation. The reality is buyers from Scandinavia and even Russia are just so much better informed and when they see you can buy a property below the cost of construction then it has to be time to  buy claimed Nick.
The problem for buyers in the UK it’s very unlikely the UK press will change their agenda against Spain and its property market so unless buyers are strong enough to do their own research and make a more informed decision they will continue to miss out, which is very sad said Nick.

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