The Property Market in Spain - Investor Opportunities

25 Jun 2011

So is it the right time for investors to invest in the Spanish property market and if so will they make any money?  Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties certainly believes the time is right.

"We're now starting to see some real deals however the best deals in the Spanish property market right now are for investors and visionaries within Spain and especially those who can see through the first impressions of Spanish Bank repossessions" said Nick

Nick also believe investors  are seeing some fantastic deals especially in the Villa market here in Spain but with most Villa repossessions the houses have almost been completely destroyed by the previous owners who have not taken losing their houses too well.

“However for those who can see beyond the damage there are some great opportunities to be had and more importantly these opportunities still exist in prime location areas and are where you can still get a real deal in the current property market in Spain. An example of this is a Villa in Nagueles, prime location in Marbella that can be bought for 1.75€ have 900,000€ spent on it including costa and immediately have an end value of close to Four million Euros. Which could be immediately sold for 3.5M€” claimed Nick

The real benefit to an investor is they can get 50% mortgage on the property so in this case there outlay is 330,000€ to make 200,000€ some 35% return on capital investment in well under 12 months and make over 800,000€

So that is one view of the investment opportunities currently available in Spain.

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