The New Energy Certificates and What is Inspected

22 Jun 2013

It’s a simple but very obvious question and is one of the first questions that any property owner asks Spanish Hot Properties . We know this is an important issue and a common question. There are four major aspects that most influence energy efficiency certification which are;

1) Installations

Which aspects of hot water, central heating and air conditioning installations matter most? Basically, their performance. In other words, efficiency in terms of the energy used by the installation to serve its purpose. Performance levels will depend on the technology contained in the device, the fuel used, its age and any insulation that may be present. The owner is clearly not responsible for these aspects in certain cases but is in others. It is important to ensure that proper maintenance is carried out or that the equipment is replaced when it gets old.

2) Enclosures

Enclosures are the elements that t separate the property from the outside - the walls, floors and roofs. How little or how much energy is wasted by a property will depend on the type of enclosures present and their thickness. This factor depends greatly on how long ago the property was built. For example, the use of insulation did not become standard until the 1970s to 1980s.

3) Doors and windows

Any doors and windows present in the enclosures. These are the most vulnerable elements as they are thin and formed of few layers (normally glass). If your budget can stretch to it and some work can be undertaken, the windows are usually the ideal aspect to spend money on due to a rapid return on investment. The transmittance values (loss of temperature) of a window are provided by the manufacturer. It is essential for users to obtain this information when shopping around. It could be said that windows are the best investment in terms of energy certification, with a heavy influence on the final grade.

4) Orientation

Orientation is an important factor but also one with few investment possibilities for a property owner. It is important because a good orientation to the sun in winter provides energy in the form of free solar radiation; energy we need not consume and that also comes from a renewable source. Steps can be taken, however, through the use of solar protection elements (window films or awnings, for example) as they protect us from that radiation in the summer and avoid the consumption of energy on needless air conditioning.

We hope you find the following information useful which should only be taken as a guide. If you would like more information about how this effect you and your property personally then contact Spanish Hot Properties today to see how this will affect your ability to market your property for sale in Spain

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