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19 Mar 2011

Review March 2011

Looking at the three major markets that Spanish Hot Properties deal with Spanish property prices I would say are pretty much stable or flat even though the official government figures indicate prices are falling. This clearly isn’t the case as the way they analyse the data means they are probably 3 months behind what is really happening. Put very simply when they look at the data for February it probably relates to sales that were agreed in December.

What we see is a huge increase in people viewing and a big increase in sales especially in Costa del Sol and to a lesser extent Costa Blanca. Most clients now realise that were at the bottom of the market and it’s only a matter of time before prices start to rise again. The obvious debate is when the market does start to rise again.

Spanish property prices are probably on the increase in Mallorca where for quality properties right now you may have to pay 2% to 5% more than you did in 2011 and there is most certainly some impasse between buyers and sellers.

So to Summarise Spanish property prices are basically flat with small rises starting to take place in Mallorca and it’s just a question of when prices start to rise again.

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