Spanish Property Market

27 Mar 2011

Whilst official figures don’t actually indicate an improvement for the international property market in Spain, the reality on the ground is completely different at Spanish Hot Properties.

“We are seeing real sale volumes and considerably more viewings from clients who want to buy now and especially in Costa del Sol” claims Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties. So is this good news for the Spanish property market in general and according to Nick that very much depends from which angel you are coming from. “There is no doubt that for the International buyer there finally is a realisation that its 2011 or nothing but in the local market there is still a lot of excess stock but properties that no international buyer would want to buy and its very much two markets in one” said Nick.

So one question that needs to be asked is when the official figures catch up with the reality on the ground which is obviously a big question for the Spanish property market but with such a confused two tier market it could take a long time for that to be clarified.

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