Spanish Property Enquiries Down but Buyers More Serious.

12 Jun 2011

The Spanish property experts Spanish Hot Properties have seen a stark drop in enquiries from the heights of March and April but are still making sales from the few serious buyers who are now looking claims Spanish Hot Properties director Nick Stuart.

“Yes we have most definitely seen a drop off from the huge levels of enquiries we had in March and April and from the beginning of May and first week of June it’s clear there are less people out there. However the good news is the people who are currently looking are able to strike great deals mainly because they are serious and are here to buy” said Nick Stuart

So how will the drop off in enquiries affect the property market in Spain as a whole? Well according to Nick Stuart it will kill off the last remaining with agents who really shouldn’t be in the business anyway. “It’s clear that some people are still in the business for no other reason that they just don’t know what else to do and eventuality the market conditions will take care of their business or if they have something to offer they could be consumed by a bigger company that is financially strong but in the Spanish real estate market they are few and far between” claimed Nick

So the situation at present is if you are a serious buyer looking for a great deal you might just find it if you act before September when Spanish Hot Properties envisage the next huge wave of enquiries.

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