Spanish Property Bargains Running Out

06 Mar 2010

A Spanish Property S

Should you trust or believe your Agent in Spain when they tell you if you don’t buy a particular property it might not be available tomorrow well if the agent is reputable and you trust them then you should according to Nick Stuart Managing Director of the property for sale in Spain experts Spanish Hot Properties.

“The story of Sandra X from last week should be a good reminder if a deal is that good you should just buy it or have great regret for the foreseeable future. Our client Sheila X asked here friend based in Costa del Sol to view some properties on her behalf before she came out. We were happy to take her friend out so on Friday 27 November we showed our clients friend a must buy property in Calahonda an amazing penthouse for an even more amazing €149,000. This property had at least 5 viewings a day and it was only a question of time before someone bought it. So Sandra X friend told her it was a fantastic buy and to get over to Spain ASAP and our client bought her trip forward and arrived on Tuesday December 1st and went to view the property that afternoon but unfortunately couldn’t bring herself to reserve the property and took the night to think it over even though it was pointed out even though the property hadn’t been sold it could sell at any minute. Unfortunately for our client it was sold the following morning before she could act and she missed out which was very sad for her. Now this is not the only time this has happened this year but at the end of the day the moral of the story about buying Spanish property is when the great deals do come up and its what you want don’t delay” explained Nick

So our Spanish property buyers being realistic about the Spanish property market? “The reality is the majority are not and think they can get deals at stupid prices which was very much the case earlier in the year but in reality the most desperate sellers have now sold and whilst there are still some great deals around there is a lot less choice in those deals. However a lot of clients aren’t prepared to compromise which means they will never buy and lack of compromise isn’t effect by price either. We had 3 clients out last week with budgets ranging from €150,000 to 1.5M and at the end of the day there is never going to be the 100% perfect property but if you get something around 90% then you should seriously think about buying it” explained Nick further

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