Obligatory Energy Certificate for anyone wishing to sell or rent a property in Spain after 1 June 2013

13 Apr 2013

According to the law proyect which was last Friday sent to the Council of Ministers, property owners who want to sell or rent their property will have to have an energy certificate after 1 June.

If there are no last-minute changes and the text that was sent to the Council of Ministers is approved, the certificate will be "required for all sale and rental agreements" in less than four months. The law proyect was originally scheduled to come into effect on 1 January, according to the previous draft royal decree. However, it has taken longer than expected with the result that the new date of implementation is now 1 June.

First temporary provision. Transitional application period

In addition to the procedures and programs which have already been approved and recognized as official documents for rating the energy performance of new-build buildings, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism & Trade shall, prior to 1 June, 2013, and through the Institute for Diversification & Conservation of Energy (IDAE), make available to the general public the computer programs for the certification of existing buildings. These shall be applicable throughout the country and recognized as official documents. Furthermore, the Ministry shall implement an information and training plan for the sectors that are affected by the energy performance certification of existing buildings. As from the aforementioned date, the energy performance certificate for all or part of a building, as applicable, must be made available to prospective buyers or tenants before any sale or rental agreements are entered into.

Energy certificate will improve homes´ energy performance

Many real estate professionals are eagerly awaiting this certificate, which will be obligatory when selling or renting a property or when undertaking renovations which affect over 25% of a building which has a net floor area of over 1.000 m2. It is a measure which is definitely "going to raise awareness in the general public about the importance of energy efficient homes". The objective is to show how efficient homes can reduce electricity bills, for example through the replacement of windows, a measure which can reduce the monthly bill by 70 to 50 euros claimed Nick Stuart Managing Director of Spanish Hot Properties

The energy certificate arrives 10 years later than it should have, and during this time Spain could have reduced its energy dependence on other countries by "taking advantage of the country´s natural resources to promote the use of renewable energies in the real estate sector more actively".

This certificate is necessary "in order to stop Spain from squandering energy. It is also a way to initiate the slow process of financial and energy saving". This royal decree is essential in order to bring Spain up to European levels in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. As some professionals point out: "We are the last country in the European Union to implement this directive".

"The fact that these certificates are going to be obligatory for property sales and rentals in Spain will foment the creation of a higher quality real-estate market and greater transparency. Thanks to the energy certificates, future buyers and tenants will have access to valuable information about their future home, information which they cannot obtain by seeing a photo in an advert or when being shown round the property".

If you would like further information about how these new changes may affect you either from buying, selling or renting please visit http://www.spanishhotproperties.co.uk/

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