No More Viewing Appointments from Spanish Hot Properties

20 Apr 2013

It may sound completely mad or completely revolutionary but one leading Spanish real estate company has decided not to show clients any properties as a way of selling more houses.

The company in question is Spanish Hot Properties and they have decided not to show single properties to any prospective buyers who call or email the company instead will only show properties to clients who sign up through their Spanish property finder service. The obvious question is how will this help them sell more properties?

The reason is quite simple according to Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director Nick Stuart. Put very simply  We are not a local real estate agency we specialize in helping international clients who have never bought in Spain before to make sure they are 100% protected in every way possible. We also have every single property for sale in Costa del Sol as we all work from the same MLS database as well as our own exclusive listings said Nick

We do not have the time to do one off viewings as we are spending our time with clients who want our help. This means we can be with a client for 2 to 3 days or however long it takes them to find the right property Nick explained further.

Most importantly with clients that are excusive to us we can help you make the right decision at the end of your viewings because we only have your best interests at heart and we know we will get paid whatever property they buy. However If a client goes to multiple agents they will try and put you off the property that they are not selling and sometimes this could have been the perfect property claimed Nick.

We shouldn’t lose sight of who are customers are and the level of unrivalled service they require and the reality for us is we much prefer to spend as much time that is needed with clients that are loyal to us. There is no point spreading our resources thin by showing single properties. If clients want to view with multiple agents then its best they view with other agents Nick closed with.

It’s certainly an interesting approach in a market which is in crisis and it will be interesting to see if Spanish Hot Properties are completely mad or revolutionary trend setters in the International Spanish property market.

For more information on how Spanish Hot Properties Finder can help you find your dream property in Spain why not visit  or call 0034 664 268 809

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