Marbella Property Still Has Investment Fundamentals That no Other Property Market Has

24 Aug 2013

When looking at an overseas property purchase in Europe Marbella property has investments fundamentals that no other country can match according to Spanish Hot Properties Managing director Nick Stuart, these include;

1   Unrivalled Location with 325 days of sunshine a year
2   Unrivalled lifestyle to compare with any major city in Europe
3   Unrivalled direct flights to every destination in Europe
4   Unrivalled value for money property prices for the location
5   Unrivalled choice of lifestyle from Culture to Sport and much more.
6   International buyers from nearly every country in the world

If we look at the two countries who could claim to compete with Spain for the right to be number one its clear Marbella wins hands down. Take France for example. It certainly could claim to have unrivalled culture and lifestyle but due to  its location it could never compete with location, sunshine and value for money property prices that match the value of the location said Nick Stuart

If you then look at Portugal it’s almost the reverse of France in that it has good beaches and a competitive climate but doesn’t have the same flight infrastructure or the same lifestyle choice that you have in Marbella. There is a reason why Marbella in the number one luxury destination in the world today Nick Said.

The other major factor for buying in Marbella is the diverse nature of the international property market with buyers from UK, Eire, Scandinavia, Finland, Russia, Benelux, France, Germany and Switzerland just to name a few which is unrivalled buy any other European country. This means when the market returns property owners will have the biggest pool in Western Europe to pick buyers from and logically that should drive prices up claimed Nick.

If  you would like to know more about how Spanish Hot Properties might help you in Marbella visit / today.

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