Is the Time Right to Invest in Spanish Property in Marbella

12 Oct 2013

With sales on the increase and most professional people believing that Marbella has hit the bottom the burning question for most Investors is now the right time to take advantage of the property market in Spain but specifically Marbella?
The answer to this question probably lies in what type of investor you are according to Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director. There is no doubt that if you are a serious investor with in excess of 3 Million Euros to invest 2013 has been the year to look and invest in real opportunities and the opportunities are huge. The realities are that it’s impossible to get any form of finance and with a huge demand for certain types of property the opportunities for investors to invest with minimal risks and make very high returns with a 12 to 48 month exit strategy is huge. Some of the deals are investors have looking at and are financing have been superb for both parties said Nick

Spanish Hot Properties are also on the lookout for top quality projects for their ever increasing number of full time serious investors which include individuals and property funds.

However if you’re a small time investor say under one million Euros and want to invest in Spain then in reality you’re not really an investor claimed Nick. If you were a real property investor you wouldn’t be investing in Spain you would be looking at buy to lets in London or Manchester. In reality what you are is someone who wants to buy a holiday or second home in Spain and make a return and if you take finance make sure it pays for itself. Whilst there are some fantastic opportunities through the Spanish Hot Properties Investor Club this type of investor will not be making anywhere near the returns that the serious investors are about to make said Nick.

Any funds or serious investors who wish to connect to projects that offer well above average returns should contact Spanish Hot Properties.

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