The Key Investment Fundamentals that Make Marbella a Prime Investment Opportunity

01 Jun 2014

Now the Spanish property recession is over the question for most property investors is what investment opportunities are there available and why does Marbella offer a would be Investor better opportunities than other parts of Spain?

According to Nick Stuart Director of Spanish Hot Properties there are several reasons but the main investment fundamentals are the current cost of construction and cost of land mean existing property prices will have to rise. The reality is the true cost of construction is now 1500 to 2000 Euros per square meter and land prices haven’t fallen in line with property prices thus meaning to deliver any new property a developer will have to have a minimum sales price of 2500 Euros per square meter. When you compare that with the opportunities of the current market where you can buy at between 1000 and 1500 per square meter its clear to see that these property prices are very likely to increase in value said Nick.

Marbella also has other key factors that other parts of Spain do not have such as being the number one luxury property destination in Western Europe. With Increasing holiday and tourisms numbers to Marbella property owners in Costa del Sol and Marbella are seeing increased holiday rental income with a marked increase in the number of weeks these properties are rented for.

All these factors make Marbella and Costa del Sol a prime location for international property investment.
If you would like advice on how to take advantage of the Spanish property market in Marbella please contact Spanish Hot Properties for further assistance.

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