How do you get more money when you are exchanging your funds into another currency, whether this is for your holiday, buying, selling a property,  making regular European or international transfers to pay for your mortgage, management fees, community fees?  You can achieve more money by using a  Commercial Foreign Exchange specialist,  Moneycorp.

A bit about Moneycorp. 

We’ve been in business since 1979. And our  clients have always been at the heart of what we do. In 2010, we traded £10.5 billion in currencies on their behalf.  We provide tailored services to help people save money on their overseas currency transfers.  We will help you trade at the right time, in the right way, when rates are in your favour – which means your money will go a lot further.  We are a London based company with offices in Spain and Florida.

Any Reason Any Currency.

We are not just here to help you with your large-scale purchases  or investments, you can benefit from our services  if you need to make smaller payments too.

.  Large transfers, such as moving money when you emigrate

.  Small payments, such as topping up your overseas bank account

.  Any currency from the euro to the Croation Kuna

.  Any direction, either from the UK or from overseas back to the UK

Our services are simple to use and you can arrange transfers over the phone or online in a matter of minuets.

Why we are better than the Bank 

There are a number of potential pitfalls and extra costs associated with making and receiving international payments.  But we can help you  avoid them.......................

.  Banks typically offer rates of exchange that are not very competitive.  We will help you get the best rates available.

.  Banks often charge a lot to transfer your funds and, naturally, the more payments you make, the more you will pay in transfer fees.  Our transfer fees are typically much lower

.  Banks are less likely to be on hand to ensure that the payment instructions are accurate and complete. We will make sure your payments arrive on time, every time.

We offer Spot rates, Regular money transfer – where the exchange rate can be fixed for 24 months, forward buying of exchange rates and various market watches.


Other services

Currency on the go, we sell travel money over the counter at our Bureaux de change, located across central London, Gatwick,Stansted and Southampton airports.  We also offer a network of ATMs at these sites.


Multi-Currency prepaid card.

You can have up to 14 different currencies on our secure, pin protected Explorer card – and that’s a world first!!!!  You can use it wherever Visa is accepted including 31 million merchant outlets worldwide and more than 1.4 million ATM’s -  Perfect for holidaying overseas, making this a lot safer than carrying cash.

Online Travel Money

Buying  your travel money online with us is easy.  It should only take a few minuets and we will deliver you currency straight to your door (UK only) via Royal Mail, special delivery.


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