Global Currency Exchange Network

Global Currency Exchange Network

Global Currency Exchange Network

GLOBAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE NETWORK (GCEN) is the recommended currency transfer agency/partner for Spanish Hot Properties - they have a wealth of experience in the foreign currency dealings and international payment solutions.
They are able to offer advice to experienced clients wanting to regularly transfer funds between countries or with clients requiring foreign currency for purchasing a property abroad or those migrating to another country.
They pride themselves on providing a fast and efficient service. This ensures that all payments are made on time and are the whole servive is handled by a friendly and professional currency specialist.

GLOBAL will:
Listen carefully to your full requirements. They will explain the numerous options available to you. They provide guidance to you regarding the process of buying or selling currency.
They fully explain the legal and technical procedures in place. They liaise at all times with your estate agent, broker, financial advisor or lawyer. They will confirm payment to clients promptly and to any third party you specify.

GLOBAL provides:
•  A personal, friendly and very cost effective service from your own personal dealer
•  Excellent exchange rates - Beating high street banks or other agencies.
•  Guaranteed exchange rates for fixed periods - up to 2 years.
•  Free transfers of funds to overseas bank accounts.
•  NO RECEIVING CHARGES on transfers to Spain.
Frequently asked questions:

How can I use your service?
Simply register with Global using the link on the logos above.  Once you have your regsitered and have your log on codes you can start transferring funds straight away!

How long does it take for my funds to reach my foreign bank account?
Once we've cleared your sterling funds (allow 5 working days for a cheque, 2/3 for a BACS transfer, a CHAPS transfer is instant), your foreign currency will reach your foreign bank account within 1 to 2 working days.

How will my funds be secure?
Your funds will be held in a dedicated Barclays client account.

How do you manage to beat the banks?
We work on live exchange rates and monitor many treasury providers to aim to provide you with the best exchange rate. We work on a high turnover of transactions rather than a high profit margin - saving you money.

Are the rates guaranteed?
Yes, we give actual exchange rates provided at that time rather than indication rates as provided by other sources such as Teletext and other internet sites.

How much does it cost to use your service?

Nothing! There are no fees to register, no commissions and no telegraphic transfer costs. For transfers to Spain we also guarantee no receiving charges at ANY SPANISH BANK

How do I get my money to GLOBAL?
You can transfer online or you can send them a cheque, if you need money transferred quickly, it is better to do it online as a CHAPS or BACS payment direct from your bank direct to GCEN Barclays account.


Global Currency Exchange Network

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