BEST PROPERTY PRICES THIS CENTURY coupled with the best sterling Euro exchange rate since before the worldwide crash Spanish Ownershare gives you all the advantages of owning your very own Spanish property outright without any of the drawbacks, these benefits include

• No mortgage payments ever
• Reduced running costs
• Potential Holiday Rental income when you're not using your property
• A fully maintained and up to date property
• An asset you can sell at any time
• Best available property at the lowest possible price


Spanish shared ownership is the joint ownership of the freehold of a luxury property where each person owns a quarter of the freehold property. It is the ideal way to own a luxurious holiday home, as it offers you the standard you require, yet eliminates the cost and hassle associated with owning and maintaining a property all year round. Research shows most holiday home owners only use their property for a maximum of 40 nights per year, yet they pay for 365. Shared ownership enables owners to enjoy 84 nights per year but only pay a small percentage of what it costs to own outright!

Once you’ve bought your share it is yours forever and can be left to family members or sold on the open market.

You can either choose to use your home for your own use or potential get a return in the form of holiday rental income.

When you invest in Spanish shared ownership your luxury property will be fully furnished, fully serviced and fully managed on your behalf


Shared ownership works in precisely the same way as outright ownership where the property is yours to keep until you decide to sell

It is likely to benefit from capital appreciation and – on selling your share - any profit is yours to keep. Where it differs from outright ownership is that there is more than one legal owner, reflecting the fact that the property is split into equal shares.

Spanish Ownershare specializes in shared ownership with 4 owners per property. All owners have an equal stake and each owner is entitled to 3 months use per year.

Any excess time is used by your management company for property maintenance and redecorating. Owners are free to swap weeks amongst themselves or to rent the property out during their allocated time periods. This has to be done through the property management company.


It is quite simply the most effective way to buy a luxury holiday home in Spain and vastly superior to the two best known methods of outright Spanish property ownership or Timeshare.

Spanish Ownershare V Outright Spanish property ownership

The reality is most international holiday home owners use their holiday home for a maximum of 40 nights per year but have the whole annual costs associated with owning a property outright. Therefore Spanish Ownershare is vastly superior for the following reasons

• Buying a property for at a fraction of the costs of owning a property outright
• Paying a fraction of the annual running costs of the property
• The possibility of obtaining holiday rental income when you are not using the property
• A fully maintained cleaned and ready to use property furnished to the highest standards

Spanish Ownershare V Timeshare

Ask yourself two simple questions does Timeshare really represent value for money and when you buy Timeshare will you ever get back what you paid for it and if not how much could you ever get back. Spanish Ownershare is vastly superior for the following reasons

• You get 12 weeks usage for the approximate cost of 2 Gold Weeks in Costa del Sol's best Timeshare resorts
• You immediately own 25% of the company that owns the property and hence you own an asset that could go up in value
• The possibility to get rental income when you are not using your property
• A high quality luxury property in Spain furnished to the highest standards

So if you want to know more about Spanish Ownershare just fill in the Contact form, email us or even better just call us today and one of our advisors would only be too happy answer any questions you may have

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