Who Are Spanish Hot Properties?

Very simply we are the leading internet based real estate company here in Spain in that in nearly all searches that you have made for Spanish property on the internet you are likely to have found us in the top 3 of those searches. Unlike most other companies you will find on the first page of Google we are not a property portal but a major real estate company here in Spain

Spanish Hot Properties is an authority website on the Spanish property market so much so that when Harriet Alexander the international correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph wrote an article about the housing crisis in Spain she came to Spanish Hot Properties for our views and advice on the subject.

From our Internet base helping International property buyers in Spain from all over the world we help our customers buy property in four major areas of Spain which are Mallorca, Costa Blanca Costa de La Luz and our headquarter in Marbella for the Costa del Sol area.

We have the best sales people on the ground covering all major languages because the international property market is so diverse. Our sales people are the best paid in the business because they are the best at what they do and all have a very high percentage of happy customers through the Spanish Hot Properties philosophy of superior preparation and customer service standards second to none. Selling real estate in Spain is actually very easy in that all you have to do is identify what property your customer wants then show them the right property at the perfect price, our sales people are the best at this. In reality our customers buy and are never sold to because our sales people work with our customers to achieve the same goal of finding them their perfect property.

What Does Spanish Hot Properties Sell?

The Spanish Hot Properties group of companies covers all types of property for sale in Spain with everything from construction to Architecture and Commercialization of Developments to a simple sale of an apartment in Marbella. Some of the services we offer our customers include the following:

Property Sales and Spanish Hot Properties Finder Service - The core of our business in that we find our customers their ideal property and the clients who sign up to our property finder service nearly always find what they are looking for. However for those who mistakenly think they can get a better deal by playing the field here in Spain we are happy to show them the best deals available. The property purchases tend to be one of three types, Spanish bank repossession, a new development or a resale property.

Design and Build Bespoke Villas - Something special for us and one of the services that separates us from the crowd. Through our sister company we have a proven track record of building the best villas at the best prices but most importantly building them on time and on budget. We offer a unique off plan villa service where the customer knows the end price from day one through our turnkey service. Alternatively if a client already has his building plot we are able to help them build their dream property. So in reality we offer the very best villas for sale in Spain.

Investor Villa Service - Very simply on villas above 1 Million Euros we are able to build the best villa on a development at a prices that is normally at least 20% below the most economic resale thus putting the investor ahead of the game. Most investors enjoy their investment before selling it on

Commercialization of New Developments - Besides selling directly to our clients we also work with other agents in Costa del Sol and have an agent’s platform of over 300 agents that we work with to sell out projects. With these Spanish properties for sale we always respect the clients of those agencies they are happy to work with us and we are happy to work with them. This allows a developer who can’t sell his development even though it may be a great deal to pass the whole development over to Spanish Hot Properties to sell. The developer has the best of all worlds in that the project is marketed directly to our database of direct clients and also to all the major agents on the coast and internationally. Any agent who sells a property in one of these projects is likely to receive the same commission as if they had sold a similar property and Spanish Hot Properties gets an override on those sales to cover our costs of managing the project for the developer

Exclusive Villa listings - This service works on a similar basis to commercialization of new developments but it’s on a single Villas Basis. A villa owner would give us a six month exclusive to sell their villa for them and we would then manage all the viewing from all the agents as well as our direct clients. The agent selling again would get a similar commission to that if he sold a different villa and we would receive a management fee for managing the sale of the villa for the owners. This service is especially beneficial to those owners who have had to leave their property in Spain and find it hard to co-ordinate viewings for potential buyers.

Investor Projects - Our investor department works with real investor clients in relation to anything from a Block of apartments directly from a bank to an unfinished Spanish property development or a bankrupt hotel. In reality we have many projects for investors but unlike buying your dream property this type of business and negotiation can be drawn out and take a lot of time.

So Why not Try Spanish Hot Properties for Yourself? - Spanish Hot Properties is a unique real estate company here in Spain and we believe that there isn’t another company here that does what we do. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiry and feel the Spanish Hot Properties experience for yourself.

Also don't forget our Spanish property news section and our RSS feed of that news you can subscribe to.  The up to the date Spanish property news is brought to you by our Managing Director Nick Stuart and out Director of Marketing Operations Jenny Seed.

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